Care + Feeding your Fifth Season Canvas

Nothing good lasts forever.  Twin Peaks was only on for two seasons, and half of one of those was wack.  That said, your Fifth Season bag should last for years with a bit of love.  Waxed cotton occasionally needs to be rewaxed to regain it's water resistance.  The wax also sorta helps hydrate the cotton so it doesn't dry rot.  If you stay semi on top of this, your item will last way longer.  Sorta like changing the oil in your Yugo.  
Rotten old Yugo car


When your waxed canvas starts looking matte and losing its water-repellency, it's time for a rewax. Start by cleaning your canvas with a brush or damp cloth to remove dirt and grime. Don't use soap! Then, grab some wax (beeswax bars or specially formulated canvas waxes work well) and a heat source like a hairdryer or heat gun. Rub the wax onto the canvas in circular motions, focusing on high-wear areas like seams and corners. Use the heat to gently melt the wax into the fabric, making sure it penetrates. Buff the surface with a clean cloth for a smooth finish. Repeat until the canvas feels water-resistant again, usually one or two coats is enough. Let it dry completely, and bam! Your waxed canvas is ready to face the elements for another few mud seasons. Remember, rewaxing is like seasoning a cast iron pan – it's kinda a pain in the ass, but it keeps your kit in good working order for years to come.  

Don't wanna rewax the bag yourself because you live in your mom's basement and she already thinks you do too many smelly things down there? Just what are you trying to cover up with all that Egyptian Musk incense?  We offer rewaxing services.  Drop us a line.  We don't rewax other maker's bags.  Sorry!